Words of Encouragement for the People of GOD

Words of Encouragement for the People of GOD


People need to hear the importance of being Loyal to GOD, and not selling out to the world. Please do not misunderstand me or get me wrong on this issue. There is nothing wrong with having money, resources, and the other finer things in life; but GOD gives to us so we can in turn bless others as well. Most of the things given to us by GOD, we end up sharing them anyway to include our own children, friends, and family members.

I encourage you to enjoy what GOD has blessed you with, but remember there is always more joy in a person’s life to share with others than to keep everything for his or herself. Love is only Love because you can share with others. If Love never becomes shared in a Compassionate way, then it is no longer called Love. The mere atomic compounds that make up Love will breakdown, and the agent we call Love will become changed into another compound!

As Change Agents for GOD, we feel better about ourselves and our lives whenever we help someone feel special by sharing with them what GOD has graciously given to us. GOD bless you and Keep the Faith in JESUS! Amen.

Bishop Alvin E. Miller, Sr., D. Min.

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