JESUS is The Gift of Christmas

JESUS is The Gift of Christmas

bishop alvin miller

Bishop Alvin E Miller Sr

JESUS is The Gift of Christmas

By Bishop Alvin E Miller Sr


A Gift is the outward expression of the internal love, devotion, or appreciation you have for someone or something.  A gift is designed to express validation of your love or appreciation in a very special way.  When a gift is given from the heart, it is a very special token, which renders great adoration for someone or something that is either deserving or sometimes undeserving of the gift.  Now, now hold the horse before you ‘gallop off’in disagreement.  GOD gave us the greatest gift known to humanity and the world, and we did nothing to deserve HIM.  It was not necessarily our love for GOD that caused JESUS to come on the scene, but it was GOD’s Love for us that ushered JESUS to the earth.  Prior to the arrival of the ministry of JESUS, humanity at its best could not do anything to please GOD under era of the Law.  GOD gave us the gift of JESUS not because we deserved HIM; but because we needed HIM.  We could not please GOD without JESUS no matter how hard we tried.  Thank GOD for JESUS bringing GRACE to the world so everyone would have an opportunity to eat from the Tree of Life!

Here is the bottom line: we were sinners and undeserving of JESUS dying on the Cross for our sins!  Yet, because of the Love GOD had for a people that neglected HIM, HIS only Son died so that you and I would not have to live with the bounty of sin hanging over our heads nor die in vain.  This is why I argue the point that a gift is the physical evidence of love that the receiver could deserve or not deserve of the gift.  A person could be worthy of the gift or unworthy; nevertheless, the emotion or action is called a gift based on the intention and expression of the giver.  This is why we call it a gift,because it is something that someone gives to you for a compassionate reason.  Oftentimes gifts do not come with strings attached . . . unless it is someone coming to you with evil intention like the greatdeceiver who deceives the whole world!  Whereas with GOD, HE is only giving HIS best to retrieve what belongs to HIM from the very beginning of time.

Christmas is to remind us that ‘The Baby JESUS’ was a gift to a sinful and wicked world that did nothing to deserve the Love of GOD in such a divine way.  JESUS is the greatest gift ever given to the world and all of creation.  The is why the Songwriter can sing, “Joy to the world the LORD has come, let earth receive her KING, Let every heart prepare HIM room, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven and nature sing.”  The excitement that surrounded GOD’s greatest gift to humanity brought heaven and earth, GOD and HIS Creation in symphony once again to sing sweet melodies of joy and peace on earth.  When you hear the sweet melodies of Christmas music, they all should encourage us to focus on the Awesome Gift that King JESUS brought to us on that beautiful day the heavenly host sang Joy to the World!

The birth of JESUS meant more than just another baby being born into the world.  The birth of King JESUS was the answer to the world’s sin problem.  The gift of JESUS is GOD’s way of saying to us,“I still Love You regardless of your faults, and I am giving you an even greater part of ME so you can make it through the good and hard times.”  The birth of JESUS did more good for the world and humanity than all the good since the beginning of Creation and beyond.  The birth of JESUS put creation and the world back on course to seek after the Will of GOD.  The birth of JESUS is the guarantee that if we hold to GOD’s unchanging hand, and pursue the tenants of Grace, then we too will rejoice and dance alongside the other disciples ‘when the saints come marching in . . .

We have witnessed the ‘Marvelous Gift’ GOD has given to us.  Now, here is the question, what gift do you have for King JESUS, GOD’s Only Begotten Son?  Wise men and women, boys and girls not only bring material gifts to the King, but they also bring Obedience to the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords.  Wise Men and Women bring honor and worship to the KING.  Wise Men and Womenbring Praise and Glory to the true KING, because anything less than these gifts is really an act of Treason.

When King JESUS was born in Bethlehem, it was protocol to bring a gift to the King whenever you were blessed to come into his presence.  Three things you had to do when you came in the


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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